OPSEAT Master Series Computer Gaming Chair

OPSEAT Master Series Computer Gaming Chair

OPSEAT Master Series Computer Gaming Chair Racing Seat PC Gaming Desk Office Chair – Green

About the Product


High back technology sport seat with removable body part support and headrest pillows.


Breathable perforated animal skin and coloured accent sewing with a chilly formed foam interior.


Adjustable seat height,12 degree seat tilt, 4D arm rests, and a a hundred and eighty degree reclining back.


100% Metal frame with non-marking nylon wheels and a significant duty base supports up to three hundred pounds.


Master Series inexperienced computer recreation chair includes a two Year restricted manufacturer guarantee.

Product description

Avoid Back Pain, Game Longer, seem like a professional.

The OPSEAT Master Series was designed to supply the best level of comfort and performance with vogue. This laptop play chair has several options that enable you to customise however it fits your body and position, creating it the proper match for you.

Ergonomic style - Sit along with your body well supported by the high back sport seat style with contoured wings. Adjustable and removable body part and neck pillows give support precisely wherever you would like it.

Quality Construction and Materials - Feel the soft and sturdy element animal skin with high finish handicraft seen in luxury cars. expertise the fastidiously wrought applied science style and it’s munificently cushioned solid metal frame set atop a durable five star base.

Play just like the professionals - we have a tendency to area unit the popular seat of skilled esports groups, noted on-line personalities, and live streamers. some of our revenue each month is allotted to promoting and sponsoring groups and organizations WHO then entertain millions world wide. facilitate United States of America facilitate gamers such as you keep play and grow into the celebrity athletes of our future.

Product Dimensions

The master contains a sq. footage of 30"x30". the full height is 51"-53" tall. The sittable space is 15"-21" at the widest a part of the cushion and 18" full. The seat back contains a 15" wide sittable space for max capability.

What comes in each box

Seat Back
Seat Base
Arm Rests
Star Base
Interchangeable Color Tips
Tilt Mechanism
Gas Lift
Nylon Wheels
Side Covers
Ergonomic Pillows

OPSEAT Master Series Computer Gaming Chair

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OPSEAT Master Series Computer Gaming Chair 
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